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Sonaris Destiny Album Cover

Destiny is Upon Us. Well, The EP Anyway.

If you got on InternetDJ.com about six months ago, it was hard to miss the annual remix comeptition which InternetDJ.com hosted with my label Addictive Vibe Records. The remix competition centered around my...

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Sonaris Destiny

Remix competition! Remix my original track, Destiny, for a chance to win $150 + a release on Addictive Vibe Records

It’s InternetDJ.com‘s 10th annual remix competition, and – for the first time ever, the tables have turned. I have participated in most of the remix competitions over the years, but this time around,...

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jackin house

What the funk is Jackin’ House music?

Jackin house is nothing new – in fact it was around in the 80’s. So, why am I writing about it today? It’s not exactly hot news, considering there is a wikipedia page...

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Old Memories The Last Port

Sonaris Music Review: Old Memories by The Last Port

Some surprises are good. That was the second thought that ran through my head after listening to the first track of the four-track EP Old Memories, by Paris-based The Last Port. My first...

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deamdau5 while 1 2

Sonaris Music Review: deadmau5 while (1<2)

It’s not what you’d expect. I’ll let the professionals say it, whatever it is, first. “…the world’s most unnecessary Nine Inch Nails tribute act…” harsh words from Rolling Stone. “Sprawling, ambitious and mostly...

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The Witches Son Cinder Ghost

Sonaris Music Review: The Witches Son by Cinder Ghost

“The Witches Son” is the title track taken from Cinder Ghost’s upcoming E.P “The Witches Son” – due for release August 10th. Even though the majority of my own projects are in the...

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internetdj sonaris music

Sonaris Music Reviews Now on InternetDJ!

Recently I partnered with Michael Bordash, the founder and owner of InternetDJ.com to syndicate my music reviews on his website. What this means is, a lot more exposure for you – as an...

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Sonaris Music Review Bocuma

Sonaris Music Review: Bocuma

This next installment in our music reviewing adventures comes in the form of the electronica albums Summer Pylon and Among The Free by Bocuma. Rather than do the usual thing and talk about...

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Soundcloud Sonaris Music

Hey, Soundcloud! An open letter – Fix yourself.

As a paying Soundcloud customer, I am unhappy. Here are what I think the problems are, and then some possible ideas for improvement, as well, so it’s not just a complaint. The issues...

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Junksista Bad Case of Fabulous Sonaris Review Small

Sonaris Music Review: Bad Case of Fabulous by Junksista

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not every day I get to review electro-c*nt-rock, in fact I’ve never even heard of it before. But, what the hell, I’ll give it a...

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