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Ebola Ape Dance In Haze (cover art by Bartosz Polak) Sonaris Music Review

Sonaris Music Review: Dance in Haze by Ebola Ape

This next review comes via the epic soundscape that is Ebola Ape’s Dance in Haze, out in all major shops on February 1st, 2014. Ebola Ape is an emerging Polish producer of “eery,...

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Sonaris Music Vocalist Search

Looking for Vocalist: EDM, House, Trance, DnB – The Search is On!

I’ve been “sort of” looking around for a vocalist to work with on an on-going basis for a while, but so far it hasn’t panned out – mostly due to their interests or...

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Buncha Good Stuff and New Sonaris Music

The holidays have come and gone and I’ve stayed pretty busy. New releases out on BEATPORT including a release on label Nero Bianco Best of Chill Out 2013 alongside some big names like...

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TimHeld - Alb(L)um

Sonaris Music Review: Alb(L)um by TimHeld

Update: Lookout for TimHeld’s Kickstarter to raise funds for this release. With a pitch like “I will come rock a house party at YOUR house if you are in the Seattle area. I...

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Hunter Crutches

Sonaris Music Review: Crutches by Hunter

Scott Hunt aka Hunter is an American composer, songwriter, singer and producer – releasing albums for almost two decades. Recently, a friend of Scott’s reached out to me, asking me to check out...

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Captain Quaalude

Sonaris Music Review: Captain Quaalude by Captain Quaalude

Speaking of original music, I got a chance to preview a new ambient/chillout album by Captain Quaalude, available on bandcamp. While this type of music may be “too experimental” in nature for enjoyment...

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New From Sonaris Music // Sonaris – Draft Sprunk (Short Mix)

Sometimes you just gotta dance. Uplifting, progressive, melodic, funky house track – just for fun. Some Daft Punk one shots used, just for flavor – the rest c’est le originale. Limited free download....

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Sonaris - Sputnik 2013 (Extended Mix)

New From Sonaris Music // Sonaris – Sputnik 2013

After three, some would say, long years I finally got around to remastering one of my more popular first progressive house tracks – perhaps the one that started it all, in terms of...

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Will Hamm Aaron Prime Sonaris Amaya

New from Sonaris Music // Amaya by Will Hamm (Sonaris Remix) // Progressive House

My progressive house remix of Will Hamm’s excellent prog house tune, Amaya, is now out on Beatport, Amazon and iTunes. Check it out and if you LIKE it, please SHARE it! http://www.beatport.com/release/amaya/1172751

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Fetal Pulse Space

Sonaris Music Review: Space – by Fetal Pulse AKA Pedro Costa

The cool part about my “job” is that I get to do what I want, and that means that sometimes I get to review some very original music, stuff you won’t find in...

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