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Sonaris Alarms

16 Scientifically Filtered, Free Android Phone Alarms

Whether you think alarms are just another way for the man to get you down, or rely on them with your life – we can probably all agree that the generic alarms you...

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Sonaris Alarms

Alarms, The Snooze Button and Procrastination

While I wasn’t able to find any concrete evidence to support the idea of people becoming more prone to procrastination by hitting the snooze button, it is the act which starts a person’s...

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Free To Relax EP Brandon Shaffer Sonaris Music

Sonaris Music Review: Free To Relax EP by Brandon Shaffer

Received a music review request today, from an emerging producer named Brandon Shaffer, out of New York – a place close to my heart. The EP, called Free To Relax, is a mix...

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What's up with the music in GTA V?

What’s Up With the Music in GTA V?

In a big way, the Grand Theft Auto series – since GTA III – has been a lot about music, to me. A lot of my best memories are tied to playing the...

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Tatsu Ogata ft. Jaklyn - Make Way (Sonaris Remix)

New from Sonaris Music // Tatsu Ogata ft. Jaklyn – Make Way (Sonaris Remix)

Out today on Beatport, the Sonaris Music progressive remix of Tatsu Ogata & Jaklyn – Make Way. If you LIKE it, SHARE it! http://www.beatport.com/release/make-way/1153977

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electronic music reviews

Sonaris Music Now Does Free Electronic Music Reviews

How many times have you spent hours writing, designing and sending out like 100 emails to EDM music blogs, trying to get your music reviewed – only to see a 5% open rate...

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Moonlight Sonata 1st Movment Sonaris Music Beethoven

An Essay on Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (First Movement)

Where does one begin, when describing the legendary sound of the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Piano Sonata No. 14, or Sonata quasi una fantasia? Surely one of the most recognizable pieces...

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sonaris music artificial summer

New Sonaris Music Release: Artificial Summer

I am proud to announce Addictive Vibe Records’ 60th release! Coming from none other than AVR’s own Sonaris – personified, in this case by me – the progressive house Artificial Summer EP is...

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Sonaris Music Sketching: How I Make Electronic Music

Sketching: How I Make Electronic Music

This is not a how-to, step-by-step guide to writing music but more me jotting down some stuff I had in mind today. While listening to Zoeken’s relaxing track Rebirth today, I sort of...

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Sonaris Music Bandcamp

Sonaris Music Now on Bandcamp! (And…. Merchandise?)

Decided to finally take the “leap” and join the modern age, so I’m now officially on Bandcamp. I am excited for this for several reasons, one of which I think is especially exciting...

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