New From Sonaris Music // Sonaris – Sputnik 2013

After three, some would say, long years I finally got around to remastering one of my more popular first progressive house tracks – perhaps the one that started it all, in terms of my overall direction in progressive house. The original track is part of my Arreliari album. By today’s standards the mix is a bit sophomoric, but I felt this track deserves to breathe again, so I have remastered it and am releasing it for free – so if you already purchased a copy, you may now have the remastered one in your collection at no extra charge. I hope you enjoy this deep, spacy progressive house track!

Sonaris – Sputnik 2013 [LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD]

Sonaris Music Now Does Free Electronic Music Reviews

How many times have you spent hours writing, designing and sending out like 100 emails to EDM music blogs, trying to get your music reviewed – only to see a 5% open rate with not a single response or published review?

I think, as underground or emerging electronic music artists and producers, we’ve all been there. Well, now that Beatport requires you to have feedback in order to submit a release as an exclusive or featured piece, you need reviews more than ever.

What We’re Doing

Whether you’re looking for a bona fide electronic music review of your album, feedback on an EP or some words of wisdom on a single, we will now be doing that here, on the Sonars Music website.

We are not professional writers, music critics or sound engineers, you may take our reviews with a grain of salt — but we promise to always give our honest, most objective opinion on everything we choose to review.

I’ve personally written over 1,000 reviews on – some good some bad and some ugly, but over a thousand none-the-less. I also now have some help from my peers in writing quality music reviews.

The point of doing this is to give exposure to underground or emerging artists, music producers, DJs who might not get the love they deserve from big music blogs.

Major releases can also be submitted for consideration but, at this time, will get lower priority than emerging artists. If you would like to have your music reviewed, please use the contact form to submit tracks/EPs/LPs you want reviewed.

The “Rules” of Engagement

Please follow the following criteria to ensure your music gets reviewed here:

Rule 1: Do not submit music if you are looking for praise, or positive reviews – all reviews will attempt to be objective, but there is no such thing as true objectivity in art, and thus it’s possible that your work will not be perecived favorably – submit at your own risk.

Rule 2: Anyone can submit work, but don’t submit projects which have poor sound quality or are unfinished.

Rule 3: The idea is to review everything, but depending on how much material starts coming in, it may be a while until your music will be reviewed.

What to Submit

Submit a short paragraph about yourself, and the piece/EP/LP you want reviewed.

Submit artwork and/or a photo of yourself – 500×500 pixels (imgur or link preferred)

Submit a link to your work on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube or InternetDJ (with applicable Beatport, Amazon, iTunes, TrackItDown, JunoDownload links – if you have them). Note: Please don’t submit to the Sonaris Soundcloud dropbox — it’s convenient for you but it will most likely get lost because of the poor notification system when new music is received that way.

Please use the contact form to submit tracks/EPs/LPs you want reviewed.

New Sonaris Music Release: Artificial Summer

I am proud to announce Addictive Vibe Records’ 60th release! Coming from none other than AVR’s own Sonaris – personified, in this case by me – the progressive house Artificial Summer EP is THE soundtrack for the end of summer. Enjoy a melodic adventure with the title track, “Artificial Summer”, and go back to the glory days of Florida’s EDM-friendly city with “Miami”. Take a trip with Sonaris’ music.

Out today on all major stores, including: Beatport, Amazon, iTunes

Also on Bandcamp if you’d rather get it straight from me:


Sonaris Music Now on Bandcamp! (And…. Merchandise?)

Decided to finally take the “leap” and join the modern age, so I’m now officially on Bandcamp. I am excited for this for several reasons, one of which I think is especially exciting for my listeners and friends. The first reason is, I don’t need a label or distributor to sell on Bandcamp, so more of the revenue from the music actually goes to me, which means I have more to spend on updating and upgrading my software and equipment (both of which can use some serious updating). This also means that I can set the price for my music at whatever I want, and I will definitely be reasonable – but Bandcamp also allows you, the listener, to “name your price” so if you particularly like something, please don’t hesitate to drop a tip.

The second reason I am excited about Bandcamp is because it allows me the flexibility to sell merchandise, which is something I’ve been considering for a while now. Mostly, I am talking about t-shirts to start with, and I have spent a good deal of time working on a design which I think some of you will enjoy, I know I do. More on this later!

As always, thanks for your support, and for listening and sharing my music.

– Sonaris