Hard At Work

A few updates:

I am still in a holding pattern with the Arreliari LP, currently going through the mastering process at a fancy NY studio, to be released – hopefully – at the end of the summer.

Finished a progressive house remix for Max Deep, an artist on dJessa‘s label – Electric Love Records – which will also hopefully be released toward the end of summer.

I have a new progressive house track finished, called “Closer To Home” which will likely be part of a small 3-4 track progressive EP which I hope to release end-of-summer / early fall. I may do a teaser 128kb stream of this one, or I might not, not sure yet.

As usual, I have a couple more interesting projects in the works, but more details on that later, as more becomes known! Stay tuned, lots of good new music to be out soon!

Moving Things Along

I’ve finally settled on the Monochrome theme from mono-lab, which I think will work out quite well for the time being.

I am currently working on putting together a few loops, of which I have literally many thousands, and get some of those available here as a pack. The loops will be in .wav format, anywhere from 5-30 seconds in length and will be royalty free for commercial use (the loops will not available for licensing, however).

Also, I will shortly begin selling brand new singles, EPs and a full length LP on the site, via InternetDJ. The purpose of doing this is, you will be able to quickly purchase any music of mine – which you like, it will be high quality sound, and I will make more $$$ than I would selling through a distributor, which means lower prices for you. Everyone wins!

I am playing around with the possibility of having some of my tracks be for sale exclusively on this site. Of course, expect free downloads of remixes and other stuff, on here, as well. I am open to suggestions, so feel free to drop a comment.

The Beginning

I finally decided it’s time to make my own website. It’s probably going to take me a minute to get going, so stay tuned and check back. I’ll have free music, new music for sale, free samples, loops and lots of other interesting stuff up here soon. Thanks for the support.