Music Promotion and Marketing 101

There have been a few questions popping up on reddit about how to start promoting your music as a producer or performer. I responded a couple of times and each time the reaction was very positive – and thus I am republishing my reddit comments here.

Granted I barely have time to promote my own stuff at the moment – but if I got serious this is what I would do. This is by no means an exhaustive list but this is how I would get started:

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Vangelis – Rosetta

Nostalgia Strikes

Once in a while, an artist’s name will just pop into my head out of nowhere. Typically, this is followed with immediate thoughts of nostalgia, leading to frantically searching Spotify for that one song I played on repeat on my DiscMan what seems like ages ago.

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Deconstructing The Perfect Dance Song: Kaoma’s Lambada

If you asked me to name the best dance song of all time, off the top of my head, it would be none other than Lambada, Kaoma’s interpretation.

Even though the song never quite took off in the US as it did in Europe, I feel many see this breezy summer tune as the quintessential dance song.

There were 15 other variations of the Lambada tune before Kaoma finally nailed it and created an international fever.

It’s no surprise that the track hit number one on many music charts, but… why? Do yourself a favor and press play on the video below, and then read on as you listen. Continue reading “Deconstructing The Perfect Dance Song: Kaoma’s Lambada”