Lana Del Rey – Love

We don’t typically review non-electronic music, but this particular track has enough production value to cover it.

I will start off by saying I absolutely love almost everything about this song. It’s very well produced, very well thought through.

The lyrics are striking, but that’s not really what makes this song so amazing, in my opinion.

The build is what makes this song for me. A slow start, with vocals which stand out very well. This is a great start to a vocal track – bring the listener in with an amazing voice, and let it SHINE.

You sometimes find tracks with very good vocals, but they wind up taking a backseat, which is a shame, in my opinion.

The first section of the song sets the mood, and builds on it.

When the chorus kicks in, the music is almost a bit much – I feel like the vocals could shine a bit more here still – but it adds some excitement to the song, at the right time.

The vocals on the track are absolutely amazing, and it feels very much like the music was built around the vocals – as opposed to the other way around. The music is a love note to the vocals, which I think is perfectly executed to the “feel” of the track.

The percussion is good in all the right places. Use of reverb and distortion is very fitting to the overall vibe of the track.

There are great rises and falls, structurally this track is very sound.

This is the kind of music which organically, in a very unmanufactured way sends chills down ones back.

It ends as subtly as it began, almost begging for remixes. This track is prime remix territory, leaving just enough for the imagination to let loose creativity.

Lana del Rey always delivers, but props to the producers and the mixers who made the dynamics of this track such that you want to replay it over and over.

We’ll be listening and taking notes for some time.

Listen to the track, below.

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