deadmau5 and Grabbitz “Let Go” Remix Competition – Chopped Stems

Unless you’ve been under a “rock” these last few weeks, you already know about the Splice remix competition for deadmau5′ and Grabbitz’ Let Go. Splice began accepting submissions on February 1st, 2017, with a deadline of March 1, 2017.

In his typical fashion, deadmau5 “launched” the competition on his official Facebook page — “they told me i have to promote this”.

Whether this remix competition is yet another commercial popularity contest remains to be seen.

There are prizes for the winner, like a release on a mau5strap compilation and some other stuff — but if you’re like me then maybe you just enjoy remixing deadmau5 because it’s fun.

A couple of my older deadmau5 remixes below, not including the Brazil 2nd edit remix, which is on YouTube.

Maybe you are a nerd and have already sliced up the stems provided by Splice for this competition.

But, if you didn’t – I did it for you.

Why did I cut up the track-long stems? I always find shorter cuts much easier to manage in my production process, so I almost always cut up stems when I work on remixes.

So, if you plan on entering the competition, for which you need to get a Splice account, you can take advantage of my cut samples and save yourself an extra 10 minutes.

The samples are all in wav format, ready to use. Enjoy.

Link to Cut Stem Files on Google Drive

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