Remix competition! Remix my original track, Destiny, for a chance to win $150 + a release on Addictive Vibe Records

Sonaris DestinyIt’s‘s 10th annual remix competition, and – for the first time ever, the tables have turned. I have participated in most of the remix competitions over the years, but this time around, I get to be the remixee!

There is a $150 cash (paypal) prize for the winner of the competition, plus the possibility of a release on Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, Google Music, etc… If the remixes are particularly good, I may consider releasing several of the remixes as part of an EP, via Addictive Vibe Records.

The rules: InternetDJ members have until Midnight Saturday October 4th 2014(ET) to download the sound pack, remix into a new song and upload it on this page to InternetDJ. After this day, the upload function will be closed and shortly thereafter the remixes will be filtered for nonsense and presented within the InternetDJ Voting Booth. Any electronic music style will be considered, including-but-not-limited-to: drum & bass, progressive house, filter house, breaks, chillout, ambient, jackin house, dubstep, trap, french house, etc… your mind is your limit.

The Voting Process and Prizes: InternetDJ members and visitors are welcome to vote on all the uploaded tracks. The top three highest rated remixes will then be delivered to Sonaris, who will select the #1 remix. This winner will receive the $150 paypal prize from InternetDJ. The winner may also have a chance to be released on Beatport/Amazon/iTunes. It will be up to Addictive Vibe Records to decide if the winning remix will be released. Addictive Vibe Records may approach two or three remixers to release an EP with the original + remixes. Any agreements between the remixes and Addictive Vibe Records are in no way connected to InternetDJ. If the remixes are good, you might get a release out of it!

Click Here for Official Rules and/or to Submit Your Entry

New Sonaris Releases: Sabotage You // Pepel // Glowing // Just The Beginning // Free and on Beatport, iTunes and Amazon

Sabotage You Cover - Sonaris // h perkinsHere’s what I’ve been up to in the last month or so:

I’ve got a new original EP out on Beatport, called Sabotage You (with h. perkins) – an eclectic mix of breaks, progressive house and electro house. Check it out and pick up a copy, if it’s your “cup of tea”.

I’ve also got a couple of new FREE downloads. One is a deep house track called Just The Beginning and a short, fun variation on Lute of Noah from Final Fantasy III.

Last but certainly not least, my new original EP — Pepel — is coming out on Beatport, iTunes and Amazon on Wednesday, August 1st! You can preview three of the four tracks on the EP, on my Sonaris Soundcloud page. It’s a combination of two brand new original progressive house tunes, one deep chillout track and a great electro remix of Pepel by Gerald The Genius. Bittersweet is a Royksopp-like jump into deep, emotional chillout. Pepel is a Eric Prydz or Pryda-like adventure into melodic club progressive house. Finally, Pathfinder is a bouncy progressive house tune with it’s stand-alone unique vibe.

Not enough? I’m also finishing up a 2012 re-edit of axisONE’s track Sincerely (with vocals by dJessa). Basically I’ve mixed the track down again, from scratch, swapped out the bassline, replaced a few instruments and made the vocals shine like they had never before. No firm word yet on when or how this will be released, but I am excited for you to hear it, that’s for sure!

I am also working on a remix of Onisu’s track Glowing at the moment, which will be another awesome progressive house release.

Needless to say I’ve been busy, but moving full speed ahead. Having recently signed Onisu and Equal Numbers to Addictive Vibe Records I am confident in the strength of the label and the growing team.

Stay tuned for more, and as always, thank you for the support! My dreams wouldn’t be achievable without it.

New Track: Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx)

It’s been a productive weekend for me, musically. Uploaded a new progressive house track which I did with Alex Biagi. Finished a new remix for Alex Biagi’s upcoming EP, “Mammoth” – which I think turned out well – more on this later. And, I’ve been slowly putting in some work on my next album (not sure yet if it will be an EP or LP). I also finished a new remix for Hot Sh1t!’s “Music Master” remix competition.Hot Shit! - Music Master Sonaris Remix Cover

This remix is a hard hitting electro house style, club-ready track at 128 bpm. I haven’t done a track like this in a while, and this was really the perfect opportunity to let it rip. So, turn up the volume (I mean, really turn it way up) and enjoy! No download on this one, for now, since it’s a competition entry.

Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx) by Sonaris

New Release: Radio Jesus – Everybody Knows (Sonaris D&B Rmx)

The Winter 2010 remix competition has completed. Even though I didn’t place in the top three, I’d still like to share my entry from the competition, with you. It’s my third drum & bass production, and I am rather proud of it. The version I’m posting for you is slightly edited from the version I submitted to the competition.  Namely, I’ve updated the mix to make it even more crisp, I’ve increased the tempo by 5 bpm to 165 and I’ve added more percussion.

Check it out and enjoy!

You can listen to it on Soundcloud or iDJ.

Also, if you’re interested in hearing the original track, you can find it here.