New Track: Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx)

It’s been a productive weekend for me, musically. Uploaded a new progressive house track which I did with Alex Biagi. Finished a new remix for Alex Biagi’s upcoming EP, “Mammoth” – which I think turned out well – more on this later. And, I’ve been slowly putting in some work on my next album (not sure yet if it will be an EP or LP). I also finished a new remix for Hot Sh1t!’s “Music Master” remix competition.Hot Shit! - Music Master Sonaris Remix Cover

This remix is a hard hitting electro house style, club-ready track at 128 bpm. I haven’t done a track like this in a while, and this was really the perfect opportunity to let it rip. So, turn up the volume (I mean, really turn it way up) and enjoy! No download on this one, for now, since it’s a competition entry.

Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx) by Sonaris

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