Daft Punk Random Access Memories “Within” Sonaris Bootleg Remix

Many have come to know me because of a rework I did, a couple of years ago, of Daft Punk’s “Around The World” which turned out to be a lot more popular than I expected. With over 100,000 plays at this point, it’s one of the biggest unofficial remixes I’ve done.

With the new Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” album out, I wanted to quickly touch on a track I particularly liked – Within – and did a quick chillout remix using the original track (since I have no stems or MIDI to work off). It’s pretty short, more like a demo or interlude than a full-fledged track.

If you are Daft Punk and are reading this… 1. Please don’t sue me and 2. If you need someone to throw some underground flavor at an official remix, I am your guy. If you are not Daft Punk and are reading this, check out Daft Punk – Within (Sonaris Overchill Remix) on my Soundcloud and enjoy.

In the meantime, I am continuously working on my next original three-track EP, Miami, which will be out sometime this Summer.

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