I Want: Beta Nightclub’s “Homegrown” compilation ft. Sonaris + axisONE

Beta Nightclub Sonaris Howmegrown DJ Dragon

This isn’t news, per se, but I wanted to mention it on my website, and maybe get a helping hand. A few months back Beta Nightclub’s (The 2010 #2 dance club in the US, and one of my favorite places to go in Denver on Saturday nights) premier resident DJ – Dragon – put together this kick ass compilation – Homegrown. The compilation featured a compendium of Colorado’s producers and performers (including Orange Peel Moses, mLe, Manufactured Superstars, Jontron, Lea Luna and Pretty Lights among others), and I happened to submit a track (the amazing axisONE remix of my track “Sputnik” – from my soon-to-be-released LP “Arreliari” [October 2010 – Addictive Vibe Records]).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to attend the release party, so I didn’t wind up getting a copy of the compilation. There were only about 500 copies given out and, from what I hear, they went quickly. So, if anyone has an extra copy, I’d love to have it. 🙂 Look out for axisONE’s remix and some other interesting tracks (including remixes by Draconum & Alex Biagi on my first ever LP “Arreliari” in all major online retailers, October 2010.

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