Mr. Bill – Slumberless / Soon Is Monday

It’s late into the evening and all the repetitive dance tracks have played in every bar and venue you visit. Looking for a breath of fresh air, Mr. Bill & ill.Gates latest track, ‘Slumberless’ invigorate you with a new found sense of energy and relief. The track features elements of head nodding dub and beautifully sampled vocals of Billie Holiday’s, Gloomy Sunday. Oh, and let’s not forget the sweeping harmonica like synth moving the listener throughout the track, giving goosebumps at each turn it takes.

Many producers and artists try their best to incorporate Ms. Holiday and singers alike into modern grooves. However, Mr. Bill & ill.Gates have achieved it with such a level of perfection, it almost feels as if Billie was with them during the recording process. Slumberless captures the old jazz era and perfectly combines it with the energy and rhythm of today.

Soon Is Monday

The second track on the split release is, ‘Soon Is Monday.’ This song features Erik Parker on vocals, adding a deep, lustful sound to the environment. Meanwhile, Circuit Bent takes a turn at creating a world of sound around Billie Holiday and Erik Parker’s vocal tracks. Featuring moments of intense glitch and high pitched foley, Soon Is Monday takes the listener on a journey from dark, inspired glitch all the way to a melodic outro.

You can purchase a copy of the new release by visiting Mr. Bill’s Bandcamp page. The artists have luckily set the release at, name your own price – giving you the opportunity to show your love and support for their creations.

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