New Year, New Label, New Journey

New Label

For those who are familiar with my releases, many might know that I’ve traditionally released 90% of my music with label Addictive Vibe Records, which my friend Alex Biagi started almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Alex was no longer able to run AVR, for personal reasons, and thus the label dissolved.

Out of loss sometimes comes opportunity. I was in a good position to launch my own label, Sonaris Music, with the support of a number of artists from AVR, including Alex. This new step is a natural move for myself and a logical next step in my musical journey.

The new label is still focused on emerging artists, first and foremost. The biggest difference between AVR and Sonaris Music is I am adding a number of electronic, and non-electronic genres to the mix – such as trap, rap and hip-hop. While SM will still primarily focus on releasing electronic music – which is what our awesome distributor Label Worx focuses on – we have the opportunity to sell on Amazon and iTunes, so there’s no reason not to include non-electronic genres.

Looking for New Talent

Because I now have the reigns to a brand new label, I am looking for emerging electronic talent. The cool thing about Sonaris Music is, the label is laid back, non-exclusive, but most importantly – we’re a community. A lot of big decisions we make as a group, which means we typically vote on new artists we add to the label. We hand pick all artists who release with us and that’s what makes Sonaris Music cool – I personally (at least digitally) know every one of the 50+ artists who released music through AVR and I plan to continue this tradition with SM.

No Music Reviews – For Now

In other news, I’ve clearly not had the time to do the music reviews on this site, as I had initially planned. Because I don’t like to half-ass anything I do, that means I won’t be doing music reviews at the rate I had been doing them previously.

My apologies to the many people who submitted music for review and didn’t hear back from me. I admit that’s not very professional and not the way I like to do things.

For now, please do not send in any music for review, unless you want me to listen to a demo you’d like to release with Sonaris Music.

That all said, the new year is off to a great start, with several releases already scheduled through Sonaris Music – and more to come. I look forward to hearing from you.


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