Remix! AccidentalNotes – Another Russian Carnival (Sonaris Uzor Moroza Rmx)

Last night I finished up a fun remix of AccidentalNotes Russian themed “Another Russian Carnival.” I’ve been itching to do something along the lines of this theme for a while and, when the opportunity presented itself, I already had a lot of the ideas in place, in my head.

The remix is an unofficial gathering of dubstep, slow breaks, folk themes, downtempo, chillout and ambient.  I wanted to keep the “feel” and vibe of the original, but slow it down, increase the melancholy by a few degrees and create a deep atmosphere.

Hit the “Read More” tab to listen to the track.

The imagery – in my head – was a windy, wintery, dark Siberian night. A bonfire burns bright in the middle of a small village. I am observing – a festive celebration after a long day of gathering firewood – from the side. People, wrapped from head to toe in fur coats, are gathered around the fire, with one bearded man playing the accordion, and another man and a woman are dancing. The sound of the wind is ever-present, but it doesn’t seem to affect the celebration.

The track is available for free download, for private use. For licensing rights – or any other commercial use – please contact me.

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