Sonaris Music Review: Space – by Fetal Pulse AKA Pedro Costa

The cool part about my “job” is that I get to do what I want, and that means that sometimes I get to review some very original music, stuff you won’t find in the Top dance charts or on the radio, but you might hear in the background of an epic film, or in a cafe by the beach. Today I got an opportunity to review Fetal Pulse’s album Space, which features some awesome original work. If you’re into quality, deep, spacial electronic vibes, read on.

Fetal Pulse is a new experimental/ambient/downtempo electronic project by Canadian indie music producer Pedro Costa. Pedro’s previous production endeavors include some licensing music for MTV, the UFC, and the Oxygen channel, as well as a Top 10 chart placement on the Polish Alternative Rock charts in 2009.

Space is a 12-track LP which releases on Bandcamp on October 22nd, 2013.

The album kicks off with a hard-driving progressive-house style track, Blast Off, with rolling arpeggios, heavenly pads and and a strong percussive presence. Immediately I noticed some unintended-but-interesting similarities between this track and my own track, Sputnik. Albeit better mixed, and better structured, Blast Off features some similar distant space themes. The track is a strong opening for an album packed with delayed fx, intertwinging melodies and spacy vibes – all tied together by a clear common theme.

Hyper Jump takes a step into the unknown with bouncy synth sounds and a relaxing atmosphere while Deep Space takes a leap into the calm, ethereal zones of what lies behind the dark side of the moon.

Touch The Stars adds some uplifting presence to the overall moody LP, with nicely panned percussive elements and a light melody.

The chills of the spacial void took over once Habitable World warmed up and the ghostly vocal oohs cascaded off my ear drums, leaving me in a supremely relaxed disposition. Flowing pads, the plucking of a distant guitar and vocals which shift from the background to the fore, seamlessly accent this excellent track. In my opinion the grandest and most ambitious track on the album, it’s executed flawlessly. An absolutely brilliant production, start to finish.

Interstellar Club is an interesting departure from the rest of the tracks with a funky bassline, and playful melodies. It’s complimented nicely by the technotrancy Zero Gravity Dance Party, which really heats things up with timely transitions,  pumping bass and alternating melodic leads.

Last but certainly not least, Re-entry is an atmospheric outro with a nice mix of melodic and fx elements, tying the album together in one short, sweet goodbye.

Overall I found the album an enjoyable, and relaxing, listening experience. Whether for music licensing, ambiance aficionados or the casual listener, everyone can find something to like about this charming indie release. While admittedly a bit raw in parts, the album – much like space itself – attempts to capture every piece and facet of sound and combine them into an auditory journey while making no excuses, which is does well. I suggest you check out this eclectic and original album, and see for yourself. In the meantime, I’ll be kicking back with Habitable World on repeat.

Cover image by: Sweetie187

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