Addictive Vibe Records Compilation With 4 Tracks From Sonaris

My colleagues at Addictive Vibe Records, and I, have cooked up something addictive, indeed. Our brand new, label-wide compilation is now out on Beatport and a bunch of other online stores. After being released for just one day, it hit #42 on the Top 100 Progressive House releases chart, not bad for a bunch of underground producers with a dream.

Sonaris Addictive Vibe Records LIVE IT UP. PLAY IT LOUD. VOL 1 Album CoverThe compilation is technically a “2-disc” set with the first disc being progressive house and the second disc being electronica, dunbstep and drum & bass. There are some seriously awesome tracks on there from the likes of Gerald the Genius, Sang Dinh, Marshal Arnold, Ray Guarano, Dan Veytia, Cough Drop, Nikola A. Putnik, Alex ‘Xander’ Biagi & Hot Sh1t!

I’ve got 4 tracks on this compilation and 3 of them have not been released before. I definitely encourage you to check this compilation out and support our little-but-growing label in its quest to dominate the underground music scene.

P.S. I hear there may be limited addition copies of this compilation released as physical CDs. If you get one, I’d gladly sign it for you 🙂

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

P.P.S.  This is probably a good time to mention that we, at AVR, are looking for fresh, new talent and would love to hear your demo in our DropBox.

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