So, I’ve got a new album out…

After a long pause, finally an update (I usually post more on my Facebook Page)!

I have finally finished and released a brand new album, which has gotten some really awesome feedback so far.Sonaris Afterlove Album Cover The album is a 14 track race through various emotions, showcasing a versatile production range. Embark on a journey through my mind, at times somber and deep and yet uplifting and powerful. Melodically charged pieces highlight this project, while hard pumping beats underscore the essence of electronic dance music. The album features layered, overlapping and complementing melodies and percussion with catchy hooks and ripping basslines. There’s something for everyone in this release. The Beatport version is fully commercially mastered and club-ready. The BandV2 version is mixed, but unmastered and doesn’t include remixes, but does include an exclusive track which is not available on the mastered copy of the album. The reason I am doing it this way is, the BandV2 version is much less expensive (less than $5 for the whole album, in fact) and brings more revenue to me directly (since I don’t have to pay a distributor for this) and is a more intimate version which sounds like I originally meant for it to sound when I created it. Why should you buy the Beatport version, you say? The Beatport version is much more polished, and it also helps my label a lot, as well as gives me more exposure side by side with bigger names. It’s you choice, of course, which one to get. In fact, you could pretty easily get either version for free if you look hard enough, and I won’t try to stop you. But, anything you contribute to my work helps a lot with covering my expenses in creating it, so I definitely appreciate it. In any case, enjoy the sounds!

I hope you enjoy the sounds!

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