Alarms, The Snooze Button and Procrastination

While I wasn’t able to find any concrete evidence to support the idea of people becoming more prone to procrastination by hitting the snooze button, it is the act which starts a person’s day and thus is an important part of almost every day of people’s lives. Whether you hit the snooze once, or ten times, you’re delaying getting up in the morning. Whether it’s because you dread the day ahead or because sleeping sounds so much better than getting up and doing stuff, one thing is for sure – most people probably don’t enjoy the jarring sound of the generic alarm.

What if the sound of the alarm impacts how the rest of your day goes? Do you ever wonder if you’re more agitated because you woke up from a delightful slumber to the sound of a jack-hammer-like, dissonan, intrusive sound of your phone or alarm clock? I certainly have, which is why I decided to create a pack of alarms which are specifically filtered to either boost or hide certain sound frequencies. We are all different, which means that a certain type, or sound doesn’t work for everyone. Some people respond better to the energizing tones of high frequency sound and others prefer to wake up with a soft, warm feeling of the relaxing low frequency vibe. This pack is comprised of several alarm sounds, all created, and mixed, by me to ensure the highest sound quality and the most pleasant experience. The natural human heart rate is anywhere from 60 – 100 beats per minute, so all of the alarms are created at the median 80 beats per minute, to ensure a smooth compatibility for most people.

This is a long shot, but what if your life improved simply because you wake up differently one day, and feel more energized, motivated and ready to make this day yours? Why not give it a shot and see how it works, for you? Would love some feedback from you, if you do decide to download this free pack.


The pack is in a .zip file, you you may need an extractor, like 7zip to extract the mp3 files. Once extracted, in the Music folder on your device (android phone, or other device)  simply create a Sonaris Alarms directory and add the mp3’s. Now you are able to choose them once you go into your alarm settings, and browse through the music folder.

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