Sonaris Music Review: Free To Relax EP by Brandon Shaffer

Received a music review request today, from an emerging producer named Brandon Shaffer, out of New York – a place close to my heart. The EP, called Free To Relax, is a mix of ambient vibes, chill atmospheres, and distant beats and is available, independently, via Bandcamp.

While the mix could use some clarity, and the beats could use a bit more of the ambiance flare which is bestowed upon the other elements of any given track, it’s the creativity which shines on this release.

Something about this EP is very raw, but in a good way. It reminds me of the inspirations I felt when I first started writing music, having many ideas and trying to do something with them. Brandon manages to do this well. From the sweet chords of the Minimal Piano piece, to the melancholic atmosphere of Dark Cavern, to the funky vibe of Science & Spaceships, I enjoyed the variety of sound and the progressive structure of the pieces. Emotional Wreck surprises with a slathering of sounds, which all work well together, completing a pleasant listening experience. The release, to me, is a soundtrack to a dark, gritty, urban film.

While it may not be “polished” – what the release does offer is some fresh, untamed creativity from an unbridled talent, something of which I think we all feel we could use more.

Visit Brandon’s Soundcloud and Twitter for more.

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