Arreliari is now available on BandV2

The mixed version of my first full length album “Arreliari”* is now available on the new music shop website

Why this is awesome:
1. All of the tracks are in high quality 320kbps MP3 format.
2. This version of the album is not professionally mastered (like the iTunes version) but is studio mixed by me, so you can hear the music in the same way I intended it to be heard.
3. BandV2 only takes a 14% cut from sales, so I wind up getting 86% of the $ you pay for my music which is why all of the tracks are priced below iTunes (just $.49 each, the whole album is less than $3.50!)

100% of profits from album and track sales go to improving my music software and hardware!

Sonaris Arreliari


*This version of the album does not include amazing remixes by axisONE, Draconum and Alex Biagi (these are exclusive to the professionally mastered iTunes version) – I encourage you to check that out, as well. (You can find more info on this version just a couple of posts below.)

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