New Sonaris Original Track, Video: Daily Afternoon Randomness

I’ve got a cool new track out, called Daily Afternoon Randomness (indeed, taking some inspiration from the often entertaining post series on the blog, The Chive). I actually didn’t mean to make a full track out of this project, was mostly just doing a practice run, using some Loopmasters samples, mostly playing around with one shots to compose a few new drum sequences. Suddenly, the pieces started to sort of fall together, and all I had to do was help the creative process along. The piece turned out to be a sort of chillout / breaks crossover, with a “smooth and thoughtful industrial-esque” feel, according to the awesome people at music blog The Get Downnn.

So I finished the track, and thought that the music is really begging for a real video (was getting kind of over seeing all the music videos on YouTube with static images – of which I am first and foremost guilty, as well).  So, I set out to find a creative commons / public domain video which would work for my  track. After browsing quite a few random videos, I stumbled upon “Herz” – by experimental filmmaker Juanjo Fernandez – on the Internet Archive. The video fit the track perfectly, and I knew I had to use it. I dropped Juanjo an email and very quickly he got back to me giving me the ok to use the video!

So, that’s sort of the story behind it, now watch and listen!

You can also download the track on InternetDJ, for free!

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