CROATIA THE OPENING 2013 [Enormous Tunes]: Sonaris – Pen & Paper

Very proud to announce and present my track Pen & Paper on the amazing chillout compilation “Croatia The Opening 2013” on Enormous Tunes.

The European summer season is back and with it Enormous Tunes once again provides the essential soundtrack to your vacation with ‘Croatia The Opening 2013’. Cramming in a massive 50 fresh and upfront tracks, this compilation includes no less than 30 previously unreleased exclusives plus anthems from international superstar artists such as Dinka, EDX who teamed up with Australian singer Sarah McLeod, Maya Jane Coles, Gorge, Croatia Squad, Nora En Pure, Leventina, Passenger 10 and many more.

Offering the full spectrum from downbeat chillout music to danceable beach house music, across 4 huge full-length mixes. Soak up the summer season with another complete collection of uplifting and dreamy electronica and jazz lounge grooves.

Go on a journey with the ‘Downbeat Chillout DJ-Mix’ mixed by PASSENGER 10 who lays down a pure journey through the finest of chill out tones and sounds. Containing tracks from some of the most wanted artists of the genre, such as Californian based duo Koda, Ross Couch, Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi, Helvetic Nerds member Dinka, Chris Reece or Leventina just name out a few.

The second ‘Jazz Lounge DJ-Mix’ is offered by SUNFRIENDS who collected and compiled some fabulous unreleased soft jazz songs to present in their unique DJ-mix. Smell the flavor of the summer with tracks from James Bright, Jennifer Needles and Scrooge who teamed up with brazilian singer Anissa Damali.

With the third ‘Melodic House DJ-Mix’ which is mixed and compiled by Swiss star artist DINKA our summerish journey heads on to a more danceable corner. Some exclusive tracks from Dinka herself can be heard on that mix as well as tracks by Johan Vilborg, George F. Zimmer aka GFZ, upcoming super talent Calippo and Nora En Pure’s current club hit ‘Come With Me’ amongst many others.

And finally we reach the seaside with our ‘Beach House DJ-Mix’ which is mixed by CROATIA SQUAD. Feel the crashing waves of the ocean with tracks and mixes by Huxley, Maya Jane Coles, Sezer Uysal, Gorge, or Karol XVII & MB Valence.


1. Chris Reece ft. Britney Serano – Falling Hard (Original Mix)
2. Sunfriends – Sand Sharks (Original Mix)
3. Dinka – Fountain (Original Mix)
4. EDX ft. Sarah McLeod – Falling Out Of Love (Lounge Mix)
5. Koda – Hands (Original Mix)
6. Leventina – Glorious (Passenger 10 African Lounge Mix)
7. Jennifer Needles – Hold On (Original Mix)
8. Fair Light Ranger – Brighten Up Life (Original Mix)
9. Paul Richmond – Tears In Heaven (Original Mix)
10. Chris Reece – Higher Ground (Original Mix)
11. Passenger 10 – Changing Season (Original Mix)
12. Hazy J – Slide (Original Mix)
13. James Bright – Twilight (Original Mix)
14. Paul Richmond – Sunstate (Original Mix)
15. Denissa – Summer 1993 (Original Mix)
16. Ross Couch – Angel (Original Mix)
17. Scrooge – Harlem Jazz (Original Mix)
18. Sunfriends – Give It To Me (Original Mix)
19. Scrooge ft. Anissa Damali – Planet Earth (Original Mix)
20. Unarticulate Harmony – Una (Original Mix)
21. Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi – Midnight Caravan (Original Mix)
22. Johan Vilborg – That Morning (Original Mix)
23. Dinka – Windmills (Original Mix)
24. Kid Vibes – Ocean Blue (Original Mix)
25. Dinka – It Just Won’t Quit (Original Mix)
26. Dinka – Islands (Original Mix)
27. Calippo – Slipstream (Original Mix)
28. Croatia Squad – Age Of Technology (Radio Mix)
29. Nora En Pure – Come With Me (Radio Mix)
30. Anton Ishutin ft. Tiana – Deeply In My Soul (Original Mix)
31. Croatia Squad – Swimming Pool (Radio Mix)
32. Johnny Cade – The Sanguine (Huxley Remix)
33. Passenger 10 – Street Names (Original Mix)
34. Nora En Pure – Tanlines (Original Mix)
35. Karol XVII & MB Valence – Maruda (Gorge’s Summer Vibes Remix)
36. Calippo – Feel Good (Original Mix)
37. Drumschool – One Shot (Original Mix)
38. Maya Jane Cole – Bubbler (Original Mix)
39. We+ – Night Game (Original Mix)
40. Calippo – Soledad (Original Mix)
41. Croatia Squad – Break Out (Original Mix)
42. Sezer Uysal Ft. Chinar – Baku (Spennu Deeper Mix)
43. Enviado Vida – If I Could Live Again (Original Mix)
44. GFZ – Sophisticate (Original Mix)
45. Stanley Ross – The Meal (Original Mix)
46. Manse – Misterious Alley (Original Mix)
47. Sonaris – Pen & Paper (Original Mix)
48. Digital Elements – Rain (Original Mix)
49. Sandro – Drift Away (Original Mix)
50. Scrooge – Down By The Shore (Original Mix)
51. Croatia The Opening 2013 (Downbeat Chillout DJ-Mix by Passenger 10)
52. Croatia The Opening 2013 (Jazz Lounge DJ-Mix by Sunfriends)
53. Croatia The Opening 2013 (Melodic House DJ-Mix by Dinka)
54. Croatia The Opening 2013 (Beach House DJ-Mix by Croatia Squad)

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