Reddit External Links Data Out: How You Can Use This To Promote Music More Efficiently

New numbers from Reddit are out, on the Top 100 external domains submitted to reddit (as of March 27, 2013). Top 10 below. So, how does this help you promote music?

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s a site which essentially aggregates information in one place, shared by its own users. It being one of the top sites for this sort of thing right now means that the below sites are some of the most relevant sources of content at the moment. No huge surprises on the sites listed there. What does this mean for you?

If you want to gain visibility, be in the places where other people are. Namely:

  • Do use images, photos to promote your releases, yourself, your band, your label, whatever – post these on Flickr and Share them on imgur
  • Do post videos on YouTube even if they are just a static image, but make sure that the music is of good quality (yeah, it might get ripped, but no one is going to share your 30 second 90kbps mp3 file). You’re better off with people ripping and sharing your music than not… exposure!
    • If possible, do try to use some animation in your videos so people have a second reason to share it, not just for the sound
  • Do focus your efforts on getting publicity so you can get on Wikipedia, it legitimizes your presence in the industry

An article in the NYT certainly wouldn’t hurt, but if that’s not you today, it can always be a goal.

# Domain Submissions
1 4,907,577
2 4,013,285
3 3,367,658
4 994,339
5 641,745
6 355,509
7 278,618
8 263,352
9 178,003
10 159,780


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