New Sonaris Music: 4 “New” Releases

For someone who works in marketing, I seem to be really bad when it comes to promoting my music. Maybe it’s a case of the chef not wanting to cook at home, or perhaps that I see my music as something deeply personal and while I want to put it out in the world I don’t want to sell or promote it myself kind of thing, or maybe a bit of both – but, here are some releases I haven’t mentioned on here at all:

Live it up, Play it loud Vol 2 (Compilation/ 4 Tracks) – Feb 2013 [AVR]

These Moments EP – Feb 2013 [AVR]

Beats & Breaks Essentials Vol 3 (Compilation/ 1 Track) – Dec 2012 [LWR]

Glowing EP (Remix) – Sept 2012 [AVR]

So, five new original Sonaris tracks and a remix. Check them out, listen, share and enjoy. I hope you like listening to them as much as I liked creating them.

P.S. If you don’t feel like paying for the tracks, you can download decent quality shortened previews of all of them on the Sonaris Soundcloud page.

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