Remix! Deadmau5 – Brazil (Sonaris Club Rmx)

Finally put the finishing touches on my brand new remix of one of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks, “Brazil.”

At first I didn’t even want to touch the original, because I like it just fine as is, but then I noticed that there weren’t very many remixes of this track out there (maybe for the aforementioned reason) and so I figured I’d do it and let people hear a different side of this track. The idea was to take part of the melody, and more or less write a new track around it, but keep the chill vibe and atmosphere of the original. Before you ask, there are no samples from the original, in this remix, that’s how I roll.

As with the Daft Punk remix I did, I am a bit apprehensive – albeit curious – to post this, since I know Deadmau5 fans are pretty hardcore. But, chances must be taken, and without much further explanation, see the links below the image to listen and download:
Deadmau5 - Brazil (Sonaris Club Rmx)

Track link on Soundcloud (Limited to 100 free downloads):

Track link on InternetDJ (Unlimited free downloads):

Here is a link to the “video” (lol) I made for YouTube:

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