Addictive Vibe Records Compilation With 4 Tracks From Sonaris

My colleagues at Addictive Vibe Records, and I, have cooked up something addictive, indeed. Our brand new, label-wide compilation is now out on Beatport and a bunch of other online stores. After being released for just one day, it hit #42 on the Top 100 Progressive House releases chart, not bad for a bunch of underground producers with a dream.

Sonaris Addictive Vibe Records LIVE IT UP. PLAY IT LOUD. VOL 1 Album CoverThe compilation is technically a “2-disc” set with the first disc being progressive house and the second disc being electronica, dunbstep and drum & bass. There are some seriously awesome tracks on there from the likes of Gerald the Genius, Sang Dinh, Marshal Arnold, Ray Guarano, Dan Veytia, Cough Drop, Nikola A. Putnik, Alex ‘Xander’ Biagi & Hot Sh1t!

I’ve got 4 tracks on this compilation and 3 of them have not been released before. I definitely encourage you to check this compilation out and support our little-but-growing label in its quest to dominate the underground music scene.

P.S. I hear there may be limited addition copies of this compilation released as physical CDs. If you get one, I’d gladly sign it for you 🙂

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

P.P.S.  This is probably a good time to mention that we, at AVR, are looking for fresh, new talent and would love to hear your demo in our DropBox.

So, I’ve got a new album out…

After a long pause, finally an update (I usually post more on my Facebook Page)!

I have finally finished and released a brand new album, which has gotten some really awesome feedback so far.Sonaris Afterlove Album Cover The album is a 14 track race through various emotions, showcasing a versatile production range. Embark on a journey through my mind, at times somber and deep and yet uplifting and powerful. Melodically charged pieces highlight this project, while hard pumping beats underscore the essence of electronic dance music. The album features layered, overlapping and complementing melodies and percussion with catchy hooks and ripping basslines. There’s something for everyone in this release. The Beatport version is fully commercially mastered and club-ready. The BandV2 version is mixed, but unmastered and doesn’t include remixes, but does include an exclusive track which is not available on the mastered copy of the album. The reason I am doing it this way is, the BandV2 version is much less expensive (less than $5 for the whole album, in fact) and brings more revenue to me directly (since I don’t have to pay a distributor for this) and is a more intimate version which sounds like I originally meant for it to sound when I created it. Why should you buy the Beatport version, you say? The Beatport version is much more polished, and it also helps my label a lot, as well as gives me more exposure side by side with bigger names. It’s you choice, of course, which one to get. In fact, you could pretty easily get either version for free if you look hard enough, and I won’t try to stop you. But, anything you contribute to my work helps a lot with covering my expenses in creating it, so I definitely appreciate it. In any case, enjoy the sounds!

I hope you enjoy the sounds!

Free Mega Music Pack: Original Sonaris Music For Licensing And Free Download For Non-Commercial Use

UPDATE: New, premium shorts bonus pack added. 17 very high quality one minute+ loops and one full length track. Enjoy 🙂

After putting together music licensing group Elite Sync Lab with DJ Wings I finally got around to releasing a massive pack of music which doesn’t fit into my artist releases or not quite complete segments of music which is/are great for licensing.  I’ve decided to release these tracks, for free, for you to enjoy at your leisure, but all of the songs are copyrighted and are for private use only. If you decide to download the pack, here is what you can and cannot do with the music in these packs:

* Listen however you feel like, on your music player, in the car, etc…
* Give to your friends or strangers to listen to
* DJs may drop any of this music in your set, as long as you’re not selling the set recording
* Enjoy

* Sell any of the files to anyone or any organization
* Use the music for your website, even if it’s a personal site
* Use for any sort of advertising
* Use for any video project which brings in revenue for you or someone else
* Use for any show (TV or Internet) or film
* Play on the radio or internet radio
* Sample any of the music for a commercial release music project

Basically, as long as you are not making money off of my work, it’s all good.

That’s about it. If you do want to use any of this music for commercial purposes, e.g. advertising, TV, films, videos, website, radio etc… you can license the music for a small and yet very reasonable sum and – in the process – assist me in upgrading my music creating software and hardware. Pretty simple.

Some of the tracks in the pack may be familiar as some of them have been publicly released before, some are new, unheard projects. In any case, I hope you enjoy and – as always – thanks for all the support!

You will need a .zip extractor to open the archive and extract the mp3 files.
You can find one for free online (I recommend 7Zip).

What’s in the packs?
In total there are 37 tracks and loops in the three files.
The first two packs , Full Length or Minute Plus are either full length finished tracks or near finished tracks, 27 total. The last pack, Shorter Samples & Loops is a pack of 30 second – 1 minute clips of music, 10 total. The music contained in the packs is of all sorts of various genres: progressive house, dubstep, downtempo, electro house + more.

The pack comes in three installments because you’re getting a total of almost 150mb of music:

Sonaris Music Licensing Pack – Full Length or Minute Plus (Part 1) <- Click to download

Sonaris Music Licensing Pack – Full Length or Minute Plus (Part 2) <- Click to download

Sonaris Music Licensing Pack – Shorter Samples & Loops <- Click to download

Sonaris Music Licensing Pack – Bonus Pack Premium Shorts
This pack features 17 high quality 320 mp3 one minute + loops, everything from classic house, to dubstep, trance, chillout + more! Plus one full length track. All new stuff, mixed by yours truly today. Enjoy 🙂

If you are interested in licensing this music (and other music from my colleagues) for your commercial project, you may do so, here:
Elite Sync Lab at AudioSparx

Update: Album + stuff.

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything, but I can say now (as it’s more or less confirmed) that I’ve been working on new tracks for my upcoming new album. The release date is tentatively set for end of September 2011. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think you will like.

As far as other updates: Didn’t wind up finishing in the top 5 of the Music Master remix competition (see post below) but I am happy with the result, and I think the remix came out pretty well, considering I hadn’t done electro in a minute. I also sent an email to some company looking for music for their video game, and haven’t heard back. My last demos were rejected by Audiosocket (music licensing) again. The point of saying this is that I feel like rarely in life do things “just fall into place” by themselves, but a lot of time it takes work to achieve great things, which makes it that much more heartbreaking when I don’t and satisfying when I do – but in everything there is a lesson, as well as, inspiration.

Lately, I find myself more passionate about my music maybe more than I have ever been before, it’s a feeling which has grown within me for the last few years and is still growing.

Maybe it’s the summer, maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, maybe it’s all the working out I’ve been doing, or maybe it’s learning that even when it feels like something of the greatest importance has been found and then suddenly lost, it’s an interesting journey of self-discovery.

All of the above will make more sense once you see and hear the new album.

Turn it up and stay tuned for more.

New Track: Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx)

It’s been a productive weekend for me, musically. Uploaded a new progressive house track which I did with Alex Biagi. Finished a new remix for Alex Biagi’s upcoming EP, “Mammoth” – which I think turned out well – more on this later. And, I’ve been slowly putting in some work on my next album (not sure yet if it will be an EP or LP). I also finished a new remix for Hot Sh1t!’s “Music Master” remix competition.Hot Shit! - Music Master Sonaris Remix Cover

This remix is a hard hitting electro house style, club-ready track at 128 bpm. I haven’t done a track like this in a while, and this was really the perfect opportunity to let it rip. So, turn up the volume (I mean, really turn it way up) and enjoy! No download on this one, for now, since it’s a competition entry.

Hot Sh1t! – Music Master (Sonaris Rmx) by Sonaris