Remix! Deadmau5 – Brazil (Sonaris Club Rmx)

Finally put the finishing touches on my brand new remix of one of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks, “Brazil.”

At first I didn’t even want to touch the original, because I like it just fine as is, but then I noticed that there weren’t very many remixes of this track out there (maybe for the aforementioned reason) and so I figured I’d do it and let people hear a different side of this track. The idea was to take part of the melody, and more or less write a new track around it, but keep the chill vibe and atmosphere of the original. Before you ask, there are no samples from the original, in this remix, that’s how I roll.

As with the Daft Punk remix I did, I am a bit apprehensive – albeit curious – to post this, since I know Deadmau5 fans are pretty hardcore. But, chances must be taken, and without much further explanation, see the links below the image to listen and download:
Deadmau5 - Brazil (Sonaris Club Rmx)

Track link on Soundcloud (Limited to 100 free downloads):

Track link on InternetDJ (Unlimited free downloads):

Here is a link to the “video” (lol) I made for YouTube:

It’s Official! New cover design for my upcoming album, “Arreliari”

After almost a year of preparation, editing, fixing and going back and forth, my new (and first) full length electronic [dance] music album is due out (via Addictive Vibe Records & Music Just Music) in the very near future. A final release date will be announced within a week or two, so stay tuned. The album will feature a couple of former crowd favorites, mastered and slightly re-edited, and some never-before-heard original tracks!

At the last moment, we collectively decided to change the album cover (both designs by David Baker, and I think it turned out quite well.

The official new design:

Sonaris - Arreliari Cover
Click for more, to see the old design, which I think is also very good.
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Discussion: Criticism

At times, I have struggled with taking criticism of my creative work, and I’ve been told that I don’t take criticism well and/or too personally. This is generally a topic which isn’t discussed much, I’ve found, because it can be a sensitive one. But, I wanted to open the flood gates and get input from artists, DJs, producers, casual music enthusiasts and performers on how they view criticism and how they deal with, and respond to, it.

Join the discussion on InternetDJ.

I Want: Beta Nightclub’s “Homegrown” compilation ft. Sonaris + axisONE

Beta Nightclub Sonaris Howmegrown DJ Dragon

This isn’t news, per se, but I wanted to mention it on my website, and maybe get a helping hand. A few months back Beta Nightclub’s (The 2010 #2 dance club in the US, and one of my favorite places to go in Denver on Saturday nights) premier resident DJ – Dragon – put together this kick ass compilation – Homegrown. The compilation featured a compendium of Colorado’s producers and performers (including Orange Peel Moses, mLe, Manufactured Superstars, Jontron, Lea Luna and Pretty Lights among others), and I happened to submit a track (the amazing axisONE remix of my track “Sputnik” – from my soon-to-be-released LP “Arreliari” [October 2010 – Addictive Vibe Records]).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to attend the release party, so I didn’t wind up getting a copy of the compilation. There were only about 500 copies given out and, from what I hear, they went quickly. So, if anyone has an extra copy, I’d love to have it. 🙂 Look out for axisONE’s remix and some other interesting tracks (including remixes by Draconum & Alex Biagi on my first ever LP “Arreliari” in all major online retailers, October 2010.

Get this! PaulStretch: Open Source Audio Tool

If you know me, you know I’m all about open source software. Not only is it free, but it’s usually pretty well put together. Anything created by people for the pure passion of creation and advancement of technology gets me interested. That’s why I was excited when my colleague Chris Genetti (aka Draconum) introduced me to PaulStretch. Read on for an explanation of this awesome piece of software which – as a music producer or even casual audio nerd – you will definitely want to get. Also, below is a download link for the software and an example original track which I put together using a soundscape which had I developed with the program.

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Remix! AccidentalNotes – Another Russian Carnival (Sonaris Uzor Moroza Rmx)

Last night I finished up a fun remix of AccidentalNotes Russian themed “Another Russian Carnival.” I’ve been itching to do something along the lines of this theme for a while and, when the opportunity presented itself, I already had a lot of the ideas in place, in my head.

The remix is an unofficial gathering of dubstep, slow breaks, folk themes, downtempo, chillout and ambient.  I wanted to keep the “feel” and vibe of the original, but slow it down, increase the melancholy by a few degrees and create a deep atmosphere.

Hit the “Read More” tab to listen to the track.
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