Sonaris Music Featured on The Denver Post’s Reverb Music Blog + New Track

It’s like I told Eryc after I’d read the article… I occasionally submit my music to blogs for review and I never quite know what to expect, sometimes praise sometimes critique, sometimes just and sometimes I feel like they never even heard me. This time, I feel like someone heard, and listened.

I’ve gotten some nice write ups from a few great music blogs before, all of which I greatly appreciate. Whether you like it or not, if you want to get heard, you have to put yourself out there, there’s no other way. As difficult as it is sometimes – as an artist – to willingly and methodically open myself up for criticism, I believe that no matter what gets thrown at you, you can learn from it – get something out of it. I’ve gotten some great reviews and some pretty lukewarm ones. Those who really were turned off by my demos probably chose not to write about it – I don’t mind if you do.

In any case, no one had written about my passion, my music quite like Eryc Eyl of The Denver Post’s Reverb music blog. I’ll let you read it yourself, if you like – won’t spoil it for you. But, I wanted to give Eryc the credit he deserves – for an article which takes a chance on an unknown local producer. I respect people who are willing to give someone like me, or many other underground producers, a chance to get some exposure. Good or bad, it’s refreshing.

You can read Eryc’s Reverb article here!

Eryc featured my new project, Pandemonium, in the article. Pandemonium, which has also been featured on the Acid Ted music blog, is filled with turbulent emotion and comes straight from the depths of my mind. All I did was write it down and arrange it. It’s gotten some interesting feedback from peers and innocent bystanders, so check it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Sonaris – Pandemonium (Original Mix) by Sonaris

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