Mr. Bill – Slumberless / Soon Is Monday

Mr. Bill Slumberless/Soon Is Monday

It’s late into the evening and all the repetitive dance tracks have played in every bar and venue you visit. Looking for a breath of fresh air, Mr. Bill & ill.Gates latest track, ‘Slumberless’ invigorate you with a new found sense of energy and relief. The track features elements of head nodding dub and beautifully sampled vocals of Billie Holiday’s, Gloomy Sunday. Oh, and let’s not forget the sweeping harmonica like synth moving the listener throughout the track, giving goosebumps at each turn it takes. Continue reading “Mr. Bill – Slumberless / Soon Is Monday”

Music Review: Numanity – eden.

If you were going to criticize Numanity for the lack of diversity throughout his work, the only thing you’d really be acknowledging is his mastery of the music he’s obviously most passionate about. Throughout the eight tracks which compromise his latest record, titled “eden.”, he has managed to construct an LP which manages to grab your attention without actually doing anything groundbreaking thanks to some phenomenal production. Continue reading “Music Review: Numanity – eden.”

Music Review: ICEY Clique feat. – U Make It Rock

Even if they don’t manage to push the envelope with their trap/EDM mashup, ‘U Make IT Rock‘, maybe that’s not such a bad thing; ICEY Clique and company seem more interested in making music that’s going to reach a wide audience rather than being known for innovative strides in the world of pop music. With that said, they still seem to lack a few of the ingredients necessary for the success they seem to be aiming for. Continue reading “Music Review: ICEY Clique feat. – U Make It Rock”